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How to Get into the Industry of Music Videos as a Dancer?

Posted by on Oct 25, 2015 in Music Video Industry |

How to Get into the Industry of Music Videos as a Dancer?

Are you an aspiring dancer who wants to appear in music videos? Well, good news for you. Nowadays, or even at this very moment, there is an audition going on for a music video that is looking for dancers. These dancers play a very important role in music videos. They provide the additional emotion to the music video. They help express the song in the form of a dance. Way before the need for music video dancers blew up, pop music, R&B, and hip-hop are the foremost genres which requires these talents, but now even the rock-oriented artists and bands oftentimes require these talents to provide additional visuals.

 Experience is a big factor if you want to be a music video dancer. Style and originality is also important factors. The more unique you are, the more chances of getting spotted. Talent scouts, directors, and choreographers are always on the lookout for new talent nowadays and luck may have a lot to do with it, due to the number of competition, but with hard work and perseverance, nothing is impossible in the business. Being fit is also another factor. With the many takes while doing the video shoot, you have to have the stamina to endure the many hours of dancing on and on. Practice makes perfect. Study music videos and try to capture the emotions of these dancers.


 This will be quite helpful for you. Just like in sports, study your competition in order to beat them, but in this case, study music videos and find out what makes these dancers good at what they do. Also, depending on the genre of the music in which you will be performing, you have to have the right moves. For example, you cannot perform sexy dance moves to a song which is intended for viewing of the younger audiences. You have to know the difference in order to know which style to dance to. The Internet is a great source to keep track of auditions though nothing is more reliable than your comrades. Make friends with other dancers.

Surely, they would know when there is a gig upcoming you can audition to in and around your area. While waiting, always practice and keep yourself in shape. You will never know when the next audition is going to be held. So always put it in your mind that it is always better to be prepared. If not, there is always an agency where you can enlist so that if ever scouts walk in looking for dancers, you might have a greater chance of getting the part. That being said, always go for it, chase your dreams. You will never know if the next audition might lead you to the big break that you have been looking for. Don’t stop believing and always push yourself to the limits to be the best you can be. Sooner or later, that hard work will surely pay off and give you your well-deserved break you have been dreaming of.